Psychiatrists strike quietly in Paris

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Psychiatrists strike in Paris, RIA Novosti news . Given the general economic difficulties in the EU, no one sees this as a surprise.

The main reasons that have forced doctors to leave their jobs and leave with passwords are the lack of staff, which naturally leads to an increase in the burden on the working staff, and the lack of funds for the treatment of patients.

Doctors' strikes were also recorded in Madrid – primary care doctors are dissatisfied with the working conditions there.


Stoltenberg announced the colossal damage caused by missile attacks on Ukraine


General NATO Minister Jens Stoltenberg said that Ukraine suffered huge damage due to the missile attacks. As a result, he promised to mobilize more aid. NATO allies have already delivered generators and spare parts to help the Ukrainian side. According to him, this will help “restore its destroyed energy infrastructure.”

Russian troops launched missile attacks on Ukraine's military administration, energy and communications facilities on October 10. This happened two days after the explosion on the Crimean bridge. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was a reaction to the terrorist actions of the Kyiv regime.

On November 15, the Russian armed forces launched a massive attack on the military command and control system of Ukraine, as and related energy facilities. As noted by the Ukrainian media, it was the largest single missile strike since the beginning of the NMD. After that, the Russian armed forces carried out several massive missile attacks on the infrastructure of Ukraine.


Peskov spoke about Putin's attitude to Kudrin's resignation from the Accounting Chamber

Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Vladimir Putin received resignation letter presented by the head of the Chamber of Accounts Alexei Kudrin. According to him, the president has not met with Kudrin in person in the near future and is not planning to, however, the official had the opportunity to submit his resignation to the head of state. >

In response to a question about Putin's emotions after receiving his resignation from a man he had worked for for many years, a Kremlin spokesman said that “in such situations there is almost no room for an emotional reaction.” Peskov recalled that Kudrin himself noted in his statement that “he intends to focus on large projects that affect a large number of people.” “So some interference with the state will inevitably happen,” he emphasized.

Aleksey Kudrin wrote on his Telegram channel that he resigned from the post of head of the Accounting Chamber and explained that he wanted to work on projects related to “the development of private initiatives in in a broad sense” and having a significant influence on people.

Kudrin specified that he submitted a request to the president in the prescribed manner.

Earlier, sources from state press agencies said that Kudrin can accept a post in Yandex.


He explained the significance of strikes at railway junctions in Ukraine

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Strikes by the Russian Army about railway junctions in Ukraine have an impact on the situation on the line of contact, military expert Vasily Dandykin shared his opinion in an interview with Izvestia.

equipment, ammunition and other equipment.

According to Dandykin, such actions of the Russian of the armed forces prevents Ukrainian troops from regrouping, transporting equipment for repairs to the rear and to European countries, and delivering ammunition to the line of contact.



Putin and Tokayev discussed the creation of a “triple gas union” with Uzbekistan


Presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan's Vladimir Putin and Kassym-Jomart Tokayev during a meeting in the Kremlin on Monday discussed the creation of a “tripartite gas union” with the participation of Uzbekistan to coordinate actions in the transportation of gas from the Russian Federation. This was announced by Tokayev's press secretary Ruslan Zheldibai on his page on the social network.

At a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the President of Kazakhstan said that during the negotiations that ended earlier, Putin spoke about the need to create a “trilateral union”. Tokayev added that Kazakhstan must “penetrate deeply into this topic” to “reach the desired results and agreements.”

According to Zheldibaie, the leaders of Kazakhstan and Russia believe it is necessary to “hold detailed negotiations” involving experts of the three countries with the aim of finding a rational solution to this issue “taking into account the interests of all interested parties.”

The day before, the president of Kazakhstan visited Russia for the first time after being re-elected as the head of state. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted during the meeting with Vladimir Putin that Russia was and remains the main strategic partner of Kazakhstan. And the Russian president noted the significant importance of the visit, saying it “underlines the special nature” of relations between the two countries.


The SBU arrested an employee of the Russian Snigirevka administration

Snigirevka mayor Yury Barbashov said that Ukrainian authorities arrested at least two employees of the local administration.


Snigirevka mayor Yury Barbashov said that Ukrainian authorities currently controlling Snigirevka district have arrested at least two local government employees in the Kherson region, who are involved for the payment of child allowances and pensions.

According to him, terror is now rampant in the territories of Kherson and the Kherson region, which are controlled by the Ukrainian army.

“Two employees of the administration were arrested. They were engaged in the processing of social payments, that is, they actually saved people, processed various payments. In particular, they paid a pension, which is slightly higher than the Ukrainian pension,” said Barbashov.

He specified that after the referendum in the Kherson region, residents of the Snigirevskiy district began to actively apply for Russian social benefits.< /p>

Barbashov added that it is possible that other residents of the district who remained at their jobs and did not evacuate were subjected to repression.


Deputy Kizevetter: Scholz was afraid of Russia and rejected Ukraine


Retired Colonel In an interview with the German publication, Roderich Kiesewetter said that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz did not dare to transfer battle tanks to Ukraine for fear of Russia's reaction.

According to him, Scholz was worried. according to the widespread opinion in the Russian Federation, according to which the use of German tanks against the Russian armed forces will be considered a provocation by the Federal Republic of Germany.

He added that at this point Scholz was forced to “act alone.”

< p>“The head of the German government said earlier that Berlin would not take any action without the consent of NATO. This decision was wrong,” said Kizevetter.

The former colonel specified that the NSR ignored for several months a request to supply Leopard tanks to Poland to replace the Polish T-72.


Defense news: Poland forces Germany to send troops to Ukraine

According to Yaroslav, a commentator for USA Defense News Polish authorities, Adamowski, demanding that Berlin place Patriot air defense systems in Ukraine, have provoked the involvement of the Bundeswehr in the conflict.

“If these anti-aircraft missile systems are sent to Ukraine, then German soldiers who are they will drive,” he explained.

The article notes that Berlin, which has been actively helping Kiev with weapons and equipment, has tried to keep its armed forces out of direct involvement in the conflict.

“Implementation of Polish of the proposal would force the German leadership to cross this border,” the journalist stressed.


Arestovich appreciated Podolyak's prediction about the return of Crimea to Ukraine


In an interview with Ukrainian journalists, the adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Oleksiy Arestovich, commented on the forecast of his colleague Mikhail Podolyak regarding the return of Crimea to Ukraine in six months.

< p>According to Arestovich, the peninsula is a very vulnerable target for defensive possession: “Extremely vulnerable and extremely inconvenient.”

“Neither the Martians, nor the Americans, nor the Americans with the Chinese will want to hold Crimea if everything is done right… Here is all of Crimea Crimean bridge that is no longer very good,” Arestovic supported the political strategist's forecast.

In the world cup in Qatar, FIFA removed the Azov flag *


Steinmeier was skeptical of calls for a ceasefire in Ukraine photo

According to Deutsche Welle , German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was skeptical of calls for a ceasefire in Ukraine.

Any calls for a ceasefire after the results of the referendums on the accession of the DLNR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia are not serious.

< p>“A cease-fire at the present time would in fact mean an acknowledgment of the injustice that has already occurred… That cannot be the aim of the cease-fire. That's why, unfortunately… I don't see any way out at the moment,” Steinmeier said.